Shirts by Shurts was created by me, Garrick Shurts.  I started playing modern board games around 2009.  I got really serious about the hobby a few years ago when my collection grew to over 200 games and I got more involved with game design.

The idea for the shirts came about after a trip to GenCon in 2016.  I wear polo shirts a few times a week in the office.  I wanted to buy something that showed off my love of tabletop gaming that I could wear at the office.  After looking through hundreds of t-shirt designs I never found a polo shirt.   So I decided to create my own.  After several design iterations I settled on the gaming icons on a shield concept.

I brought my first 4 designs to Gen Con 50 in 2017 and then had a successful Kickstarter later that year.  Future designs and products will be offered again through Kickstarter.

Shirts by Shurts is a one man show but I have tons of support from my wife, my four kids, family and friends.